Welcome to Glotekk Healthcare

Glotekk Healthcare prides itself on patient care and we believe in
providing quality, consistency and delivering a great service.

Our aim is to:

  • Restore pain free movement and full function as soon as possible.
  • Help you to reach your full potential with education and advice from experienced physiotherapists (all chartered & registered with the Health Professions Council).
  • Offer prompt, efficient treatment for busy patients.
  • Maintain quality and standards using evidence based medicine
Experienced, Friendly Staff

Our experienced and professional therapists and clinicians ensure patients are offered excellent, effective treatment.  By ensuring patients receive the best advice and treatment possible, we can create a pathway for each patient to reach full recovery as soon as possible.

Excellent Clinic Coverage

Our network of clinic locations provide patients with access to convenient treatment locations.  All of our clinics offer unrivalled support and comfort to patients across London and beyond.

Professional Case Management

Our experience within the medico legal and private insurance fields has allowed us to develop an excellent case handling team to support our partners and patients throughout their care, ensuring quality communication and results driven services.